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Emage Grooming Boutique is a one stop grooming centre to help women and men to transform and enhance their image and lifestyle. We have a range of fashionable and elegant clothes cater to working ladies and chic woman.

Besides we also provide training skills for both personal and corporate, ranging from Image Enhancement, Communication Skills, Make up & hairstyling to self development skills like Positive Mindset, Energy Swift, Confidence Building, Relationship Enhancement, Nutrition, Stress Management, as well as Financial Planning since we believe Confidence is the key for Success!

*Fashion & Styling
*Brand New You Workshop
*Perfect Gentlemen Workshop
*Teen Grooming Workshop
*Personal Branding Coching
*Train The Trainer Certification
*Corporate Image Training

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chinese New Year Promotion 2012

Chinese New Year Promotion 2012

Purchase RM300 and above
Top up only RM88
Free one day Image Workshop worth RM500 (Colour and Personality Style)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Style & Grace Youth Workshop

Would You Like You Kid To...
  • Enhance their quality and image presentation?
  • Develop their temperament and social skills?
  • Become tomorrow's elite, perfect lady and gentlement?

They Will Learn...

  • Proper grooming  for ocassions, colour & style to impress.
  • Personal skin & hair care, make up, confidence posing
  • Cummunicate skills,attitude building, social etiquette and deportment.

Who should attend...

Youth aged 16-21, for those who wish to build your character & image for success,
who wishes to enhance your deportment, who are going to oversea for studies,
who wants a success job interview, who wishes to join the socialite or become a celebrity !

Our Speaker Team

Our speaker from different profession field with
lead you toward the success. 

This will be a very exciting workshop as we will have celebrities
like Associate Publisher from Ifeel & Men’s Uno Roth Lai to share,
celebrities model like Hero Tai, Tv broadcaster like Meijun,
Liew Li Li. All are going to inspire our youth to be extraordinary
character and image to excel!!


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Call 012-3080778 for further information

Friday, September 30, 2011


 Our Graduation of BRAND NEW YOU student . 
29 & 30 September 2011

The Winner is "Reborn" Team :D

Learn how to apply Personal Fortune Make up from day to night .

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Train The Trainer MakeOver 2011

Professional Image Consultant Training 2011

Video  testimonials:

How to be an Image Consultant in 8 days?

She is Fiona, a financial planner who attended Train The Trainer of Emage Style Consultancy 2010 and get train by one of the most sought after Image Trainer in Asia, Evelyn Ch'ng who used to be fashion editor and have styled up numerous celebrities from China, HK & Taiwan. We are having a new intake by this Octorber 2011, do call us at 012-3080778 if you are keen to be an image consultant and want to kick off your biz right after the training! So take action and call 012-3080778,, or

Saturday, September 17, 2011


3 Months personal Branding Coaching

* 1 day makeover (Personal Branding, colour, bodyline, style analysis & wardrobe revamp)

* 1 day (Personal shopping, exclusive the cost of hairstyling)
* Monthly coaching 1 hour (x2 times)



BRAND NEW YOU workshop worth RM688

Personality Make Over Shoot worth RM 588

(FREE invitation for fashion show , networking events)

Colour Chart worth RM 150

BONUS worth RM1,426

Who should attend : CEO , Entrepreneur , Investment planner , Network Marketer , Executives , House Wife

If you are looking for changes, How to Brand yourself Differently and Create a unique characteristic, this is the right course for you and we GUARANTEE CHANGES !!!!

Perfect Gentlemen Workshop

Brand New You Workshop

Thursday, September 8, 2011

To inspire, to transform and to empower every being to fulfill their dreams” Evelyn’s Mission

 “How to become a life transforming Image Consultant in 8 days?”
 8 days certification & 1 year coaching by Evelyn Ch'ng , Principal Image Consultant , AICI FLC
Do you have passion in fashion & beauty?
Do you have interest in transforming people inside out?
Are you currently in fashion, beauty , MLM business or training  and keen to increase your credibility?
Do you want to learn the secrets of how to earn RM15,000/ per day ?
Find out what image consultation career can bring into your life from our president of AICI, Lynn Mark,
If yes, you have to learn from the most sought after international trainer, Evelyn Ch'ng and find out the fastest way to excel in this business.
We not only train you but provide you with all the essential mindset & business skills to ensure your success. This is a special put together course for people who is keen to empower, inspire and transform lives. We are not just a beauty and fashion guru but we train you the skills to bring out the energy, beauty & confidence!
 Call us at 012-3080778 to find out more, special interviews are needed and it is for limited number only!
 “To inspire, empower & transform and we provide a one stop grooming boutique & consultancy to transform you!”

Eveyln Ch’ng, Certified Image Consultant AICI FLC, founder of Emage Style Consultancy & Emage Grooming Boutique, VP marketing of AICI Malaysia is certified by Lynne Marks, the past president of Association Image Consultants International (AICI) and the principle of London Image Institute. Besides she has been trained by the world top trainers T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer, Joel Robert, JanetSwitzer, Roger Hamilton and many more to develop her holistic program on confidence and image enhancement. Since then, Evelyn has been established herself as one of the most sought after confidence guru in South East Asia.

Based on her media background as TV commercial producer, script writer and the fashion editor of the top Taiwan based magazine, Citta Bella, she has gathered huge experience in styled up numerous international and local celebrities; such as actress Christy Chung, Vicki Zhao, Amber Chia, TV host Elaine Daily, Jojo Struys, Song Ailing and many more.

Besides working with celebrities, she has extensive of experience helping business ladies to transform their lives ranging from the CEOs of corporate, professionals, finance consultant, MLM leaders to retailers. Some of the corporate clients are OCBC, CIMB, Alliance Bank,  AmAssurance,  Amway, Ricoh, Telydynamics, BASF Petronas, P&G, MTDC, Allianz, Vista, McDonald’s, Watsons and many more.

Evelyn is the author of “The Power of Charm” and currently the Image Guru for NTV 7 Women’s Zone and she is contributing a “Magical Makeover” column in  weekly paper Red Tomato, Jasmine Magazine besides her previous column in  Sin Chiew, Nanyang, HQ magazine & Citta Bella .  She has lead over hundred seminars and workshops over the region of Malaysia, Singapore, Taipei, China and Brunei and have been inspiring and transforming more than 10,000 thousand of people . She has been interviewed on countless TV and radio programs such as 8TV, TV2, MY FM to print publication like Citta Bella, Ezy Health & Beauty, the Star, New Straits Time, Sin Chiew, NuYou, Oriental Daily, Female, Personal Money & You.

Evelyn strongly believes that, “The Power of attraction & confidence is the key to success” and her mission is “To inspire, transform & empower every being to find their love and live their dreams!”

“ Anybody who wants to be excellent in confidence and grooming should learn from Evelyn, she will train you and coach you to be your best” TTT graduate, Amelie Then, Beautician (Sarawak)
 Train the Trainer 2009
Train The Trainer 2011
·     Identify the colour properties of hue, temperature, value & value contrast and intensity
·     Using the colour wheel, identify colour harmonies, established patterns and combination of colour
·     Evaluate the moods transmitted by colours in dressing & make up
·     Distinguish the concept temperature and identify it in skin, hair and eyes
·     Identify the terms and concepts used in colour pyshology and the effects of colour in image
·     Identify different colour analysis systems: 4 seasons & universal energy colour
·     Identify visuals, tools and illustrations for personal consultation
·     Practice & role play colour analysis and client consultation

·     Distinguish between fad, trend and classic in client consultation
·     Identify 4 levels of business / professional attire from corporate to business casual
·     Identify different dress code from smart casual, lounge suit to glamorous chic
·     Identify 6  universal personality styles in image consultation
·     How to develop client styles & tools based on client's professionalism & lifestyle
·     How to accessories accordingly to style & trend
·     Identify 6 basic figure types & 3 body structure for women
·     Analyze body proportion with tapes & measures
·     Identify the design concepts of line, shape, balance, harmony, repetition, character, texture and scale
·     Practice camouflage techniques and identify solutions to common figure challenges
·     Develop tools, visuals and illustrations to work with clients

·     Identify strategies for a systematic wardrobe review
·     Do's & don't for a modern chic wardrobe
·     Evaluate & critique individual wardrobe pieces for the client consultations
·     Demonstrate ways to co-ordinate, use accessories, create different mix & match
·     Develop capsule wardrobe plan for client based on lifestyle & aspirations
·     Review useful resources and aids for organizing wardrobe
·     How to plan & budgeting for client's shopping
·     How to charge for personal shopping sections & secure long term relationships
·     How to convince client to ensure successful shopping results
·     Practice proven strategies for cost and time effective personal shopping
·     Participants will work in group in a shopping store to practice the skills

DAY 4 : HAIR & MAKE UP (Professional Make Up Artist & Hairstylist will be sharing)

·     Identify facial bone structure and face shapes
·     Learn the simple & time effective make up
·     Practice ways to highlight & camouflage
·     Critique makeup applications and instruct individuals
·     Identify ethnic considerations or colour in makeup
·     Create business opportunities in the field of skin care & makeup
·     Identify and define hairstyling terms and products
·     Develop communication to work effectively with a client and hairstylist
·     Identify proportion and balance
·     Identify different hair types and variations
·     Compare and contrast leading edge products
·     Identify appropriate use of cutting, perms, relaxants & colour
·     Practice how to critique hairstyles
·     Learn easy ways to style up hair for daily and shoot
·     Learn different pleat for bridal & evening dressing
·     Identify the communication skills to help people change their hairstyle & image

·     Identify fashion history and development of styles
·     How to conceptualize for fashion styling, shows & events
·     How to conduct an international quality fashion shoot
·     How to communicate efficiently with photographers, models& team members
·     How to pose and style model on set
·     How to conduct a makeover transformation in less than 3 hours
·     Practice in professional studio to develop the skills

·       Men Business style Introduction
   -Business casual and formal dress
   - Socially and Culturally appropriate business dress
   - Dressing for your industry , Personal Branding
   - Matching and coordinating clothing and accessories
·       Business color psychology
·       Global business etiquette and protocol to create rapport
 -Greeting & Introductions, Job Interview
- Business meeting form
- Business-social manners
- Electronic communication courtesy
- Cultural courtesy
- Business gifts
·       Learn the process of personal analysis consultation
·     Practical Case Study Training (bring a friend for consultation)
·     A-Z process of personal consultation
·       Practice personal critiques & consulting techniques
·       Identify preferences, personality traits & psychological traits
·       Learn the model of Emage's Unique Personal Branding Methodology( 5 c's )
·       Deal with difficult situations in the consulting & training environment

·        How to use "Accelerated Learning" techniques so your participants learn faster & remember more.
·       How to control the energy in the room
·     How to write your success story & profile
·       Identify your missions& values in image business
·     How to work with Emage Style branding
·     How to market with productsb & How to prospect clients
·     Set systematic goals in long & short term frames
·     Develop a 6 months marketing plan
·     How to earn up to RM 15,000 a day or more!

10  Outrageous Benefits to train with Emage Style!
1.  Licensee / Associate Program applied
You are eligible to join our Licensee / Associate Program for 2 years after graduation and grab the benefit to start off with our material instantly. You might get the chance to licensee our one stop fashion & consultancy Emage Grooming Boutique in the future and get yourself passive income!
Website: Your name will be listed under Emage Style corporate website to project your profile
How to set up and write a blog: How to keep up the interest and where to get inspiration.
Name Card: You will receive your name card design with Emage Style logo, website & email add
Newsletters: How to set up and write a compelling newsletter and how to grow a distribution list.
2. Publicity on press:
Press Exposure: You will have the chance to showcase your work in Sin Chiew Makeover column, magazines like Red Tomato,  Jasmine , Feminine, Citta Bella, Her World and others which worth thousand of dollars and will rocket fly your business in the market.
3. Personal Coaching Success Kit: (worth RM 5,000)
101 tools for personal coaching, questionnaires, wardrobe list, personal shopping form, shopping brand list, follow up list and others that you need as professional shopper & image consultant.
4. Multimedia Training Material: (worth RM 8,000) – For Licensee & Associate only
Business to start is always difficult and we understand that, with this multimedia tool, you are equipped with our video, power point, book, make over pictures, workbook, resources that you need for training. You can start your training  straight away! This proven method which is compiled through 8 years of experiences is included!
5. FREE Brand New You Workshop worth RM 988
Besides, you will be entitle to attend the coming Brand New You workshop that will transform you before your training.
6. Personality Make Over  worth RM 588
Instantly after the training, you will get a chance to go though Emage Make Over profile shooting that  style u up and with professional make up & hairstyling according to your personality. You can use this as your branding tool to kick off your business right after the training.

7. Emage LifeStyle Club
After the graduation, you are entitle to join and run Emage LifeStyle Club, you can sell your own product & services and at the same time learn to promote your image business.
8. One Year Coaching  (Applicable for Licensee/ Associate Program)
After the certification, you are under a year coaching. You are encouraged to take part as our assistant trainer in our seminars and workshops to gain valuable experiences. This will build up your confidence and training skills instantly.
Free training every month: Learn extra tips from various trainers in other business skills in our monthly Emage LifeStyle Club, our associate TRAINER such as the Financial Guru, Carol Yip,  Beauty Consultant & NLP trainer, Joecess Lim, Psychology Energy Trainer, Andrew Wong,  to enhance your presentation, financial, self development skills.
           9. How to start Business
FREE Business Success Seminar
In order to help you to excel in business, you  will be sending to some essential Business or mindset seminar workshop such as Millionaire Mindset Intensive (T. Harv Eker), Global Internet Conference & others for FREE if you register before 30 Sept. This will motivate you to start your business and catch up with the current business  trend.

How to get booked for speaking gigs and workshops: where to begin, how to get your foot in the door, who to approach, and brainstorming people and places to approach that you may have never thought of
Networking skills: How to network, and ultimately have people think of you immediately the next day, the next week, the next month, and the next year. How to do memorable elevator speech.
10. Access to AICI  & First Level Exam Education
As the VP marketing for AICI Malaysia, I will assist you to apply for Associations of  Image Consultation International membership(US $285) , get exposure to participate in the organized events and talks. You will be guided   to proceed for another level of exam FLC in a year.
Terms& Conditions Applied.  We recommend you to take our LICENSEE or ASSOCIATE  program in order to benefit fully from the coaching.

Thanks to my 10 years experience, I can show you what mistakes to avoid and what resources and tools are worth your time and effort and what really works

Testimonials of Train The Trainer Graduate 
I am amazed with the very informative knowledge that I gained. Many great new things that I just discovered such as personal colour analysis, bodyline analysis and personality style.
Evelyn is truly a master and major in what she is doing. She has a vast experience in colours, personality style and even fashion, that is so much added value that she shared because of her background as a fashion editor before and seminars that she attended. I feel so guided and complete with this TTT. I could see my future and I foresee myself as a professional, tactful and well known trainer. She has a system and big heart to share all the knowledge intensively. Thank you Evelyn.
 Name: Fiona Tahir, Wealth Advisor
Contact:  012.3163.474
Selama 7 hari saya menyertai TTT, saya sangat teruja dan mendapat banyak ilmu pengetahuan mengenai imej. Saya belajar mengenai warna, kombinasi warna dan warna yang boleh memberikan tenaga serta aura. Saya juga tahu mengenai style yang boleh menyerlahkan penampilan saya jika saya tahu style yang sesuai. Melalui TTT juga banyak mengajar saya tetang bagaimana membuat latihan dan seminar. Saya juga belajar dan berasa gembira kerana selepas ini saya yakin boleh megubah imej dan style saya dan membantu kawan saya ke arah yang lebih baik. Semoga dengan ini membolehkan semua mencapai kejayaan.
 Name: Aznita Ab. Ghani, Agency Manager
Contact: 019.262.7162
Susan Lai, Executive Secretary
‘‘Being a person who doesn’t come from the beauty and image industry, yes, I learnt a lot such as beauty and fashion jargons. Every industry has system and methods, and this industry is one of them. There is still so much to learn and this TTT has helped me to build up very fundamentals and foundation. Materials are sufficient. A lot of research has to be done by ourselves in future in order to have a good grasp of this subject. Evelyn has done well – conveyed the manages and yet very marketing conscious as well! In short, I have achieved my objective to learn up the foundation and Evelyn has helped me to do that!!
 Joecess Lim , Beauty Consultant, NLP  Practitioner
‘‘First of all, I wish to take this opportunity to say ‘big thank you’ for your 7 days inspiring sessions with love, joy & passion. I can feel your sincerity whereby to share lots of your expertise & experiences related in style & image. I really gain so much and learn a lot from you. As I said, you are my image guru to empower me to be a success image trainer in the future. I do hope I can continually learn more and business associate with you in the future.’’
 Daisy Chong, Translation Manager
‘‘Being beauty with style is my dream. I’ve learned the skills from Evelyn how to do it with formula. Now I’m more confident to inspire people around me to be expressive in their personality and be able to go through the similar transformation.’’
 Tan Sue Ann, Accounting Analyst
‘‘I have gained a broad understanding on how to use colors for my wardrobe management and also found out on my universal style. By learning these knowledge, I am able to dress my style and my energy colors which help me to become more myself and boost up my self-confidence. I thank Evelyn for incorporating the goal setting, mission statement and our future marketing plans which will help us to venture into this business. It is very beneficial for me to attend this course because it helps me a great deal in choosing the right color and style clothing’s for my online boutique business.
 Tracy Au Yong, Beauty & Make up Trainer
‘‘I learned a lot in TTT; not only in fashion and image, also some of the training and presentation skill. We share and discuss every time. I found that all my friends and guru have their own expertise and experience. I learn from them and I hope we can share and please correct me honestly to let me grown up in this industry. I have never think that the color and accessories can be very interesting and amazing before the course. Thank you so much for my professional guru - Evelyn and all TTT goddess friends.

Fiona Tahir, Investment Planner sharing:
Joecess Lim, beauty trainer sharing:
Su Ann, accountant sharing:

Date :   18, 19, 20, 21 Oct, 21,22, 23, 24 Nov ( Tentatively)
Time:  9.30am-6.30pm
Venue:  Emage Grooming Boutique
Normal Rate: RM 12,800
Special Early Bird Price: RM 8,800 (before 30 Sept)
12 months installment plan, RM733/ per month only!
Call us at 012-3080778 / 03-61500326   to find out more, special interview will be conducted & this is for limited number only! The benefits will be for the TOP 5 who registered before  16  Sept!!So call us at 012-3080  NOW for further details!!
Enroll today and get on the FAST TRACK to becoming a Top Image Consultant today SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE

The investment for this program valued at over RM 30,000  is  only RM733 for 12 months interest free installment if you sign up before  30 Sept 2011  and take away the 10 benefits

So take your action, please Enroll today to enjoy this special early bird price
Payment options are available.

2. Cheque

Enroll today

For information about Evelyn Ch'ng & Emage Style, click   : Emagestyle